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Ivory, Gold, Copper and Bronze ....Precious substances!  Shimmering in a stallion so exotic you check your vision to see if he is real. KA Damascus is indeed a real horse. A dream horse for Colleen Jackson of Subiaco, Western Australia, who had searched far and wide for her vision of the Arabian Stallion. Found upon a trip to Kehilan Arabians in Fort Worth, Texas – Colleen knew he was the one immediately upon seeing the gorgeous flaxen liver chestnut stallion prance in the Texas sun. Wisely he has become the foundation for her new Straight Egyptian Breeding program. A select group of mares are being carefully assembled by Colleen to compliment Damascus. Looks alone are not enough in the Straight Egyptian world – but no worries for Damascus. As the ancient heritage his name signifies, his ancestry is royal as well. He is sired by the National winning and world renowned senior sire at Kehilan – Makhnificent KA who has winning offspring in multiple countries around the globe. His dam Rahimah KA is no stranger to producing globetrotters herself. She has two sons in Italy, a son and daughter in New Zealand, as well as daughters who are foundation mares for breeders in the United States. Damascus’s pedigree contains such notables as Makhsous, Nabiel+/, *Tuhotmos, The Egyptian Prince, Ansata Ibn Halima, Ibn Hafiza, Alaa El Din, Moniet El Nefous, Dahmah Shahwaniah, and *Magidaa 

 “When you dream as a breeder you hope to perpetuate the best characteristics of the horses you start with while refining and adding the characteristics in your vision. Much like a painter carefully choosing the right colors to create her painting. Affecting compostion, mood and even creating new colors to take your breath away. With Damascus we certainly did just that! He retains his striking coloring of his three time Grandfather – *Sultann, while exuding the exotic type and style Kehilan has become known for.” ~ muses Kehilan Arabians owner Becky Rogers.

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